All About Baos
with Shaun Liew

“We first started thinking about baos when (Wizards co-owner) Chef Ryan Cheah and I were developing our new menu for Wizards in May, 2020.”

 “This was during the height of the Movement Control Order, and for practical reasons, we wanted a menu that was suitable for both dine-in and takeaway – hence the baos!
“Although the initial idea was purely practical, the inspiration actually came from my visit to the UK in November 2019. I had the chance to visit Bao London and was impressed not just by how they were able to attract both dine-in and takeaway crowds but also by their amazing Asian-Western fusion flavours.

‘Gua bao’ – not our usual bao
“In Malaysia, most of us are used to the stuffed round baos – called ‘baozi’ in Mandarin,” says Shaun. “At Wizards, our baos resemble the flat baos that are found in Fujian, China, and Taiwan. These are called ‘gua bao’.
“Ryan and I went for this style so we could incorporate both cooked and completely fresh ingredients into the bao. This is important for bringing balance to the overall flavour experience. We want our customers to taste the freshness of every single ingredient in the bao, which we believe is really important.  
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“And of course, we make every bao fresh to order at Wizards to ensure the highest quality and standards,” Shaun says. 
Fusion flavours and Malaysian favourites
 “Ryan and I wanted the bao flavours to be unique and yet also easily relatable for our customers. For example, there’s the Chicken Kam Hiong Bao or the Hoi Sin Smoked Duck Bao – these are flavours that Malaysians are familiar with, and they also work so with our bao concept! 
“What’s more, our baos definitely pair well with most of the drinks on our menu. I personally love the combination of our Chicken Kam Hiong Bao paired with a glass of Shiraz red wine or an iced black coffee!” says Shaun.


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