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A New Beginning

The Flying Monkeys Bar at Tribeca was a labour of passion and love.

When it opened in September 2019, critics hailed its bold and inventive cocktails, the quality of the drinks and snacks, and the attention to even the smallest detail in everything from cocktail ingredients to its gritty, contemporary decor.
However, with a heavy heart, Flying Monkeys officially closed on 1 August 2020.
 The bar was hit hard by the MCO, and the restriction on reopening bars has made it difficult to sustain the business and continue running the space. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all our fellow mischief-makers and friends of FM who have embarked on this bittersweet journey with us. But there is good news – the monkey magic is still very much alive.

The Flying Monkeys team is now based completely at Wizards, and are still serving up wicked cocktails to honour the memory of our wonderful monkeys’ den! 

 We now have a brand new ‘Potent Potions’ cocktail range that joins our Flying Monkeys Cocktail Elixir Range. 
We hope to see you soon, and once again, thank you for the memories!

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